Not sure what your work needs? Editors Canada definitions follow:

Structural editing is assessing and shaping material to improve its organization and content.

Stylistic editing is editing to clarify meaning, ensure coherence and flow, and refine the language. Stylistic editing is often done as part of a structural edit or copy edit rather than as a separate step.

Copy editing is editing to ensure correctness, accuracy, consistency, and completeness.

Proofreading is examining material after layout or in its final format to correct errors in textual and visual elements.

I have edited presentations, reports, academic theses, and books. Recent notable projects include:

Stylistic edit of Drone Nation: The Political Economy of America’s New Way of War by Geoff Martin and Erin Steuter, Rowman & Littlefield, 2016.

cookbook coverNova Scotia Cookery, Then and Now, featuring a historic recipe collection from the Nova Scotia Archives with modern interpretations by Nova Scotia chefs., Nimbus Publishing, 2017.

Copy edit of sections of Tr’ondëk-Hwëch’in UNESCO World Heritage site nomination proposal, 2016–2017.

Proofread of Westray: My Journey from Darkness to Light by Vernon Theriault as told to Marjorie Coady, Nimbus Publishing, 2018.

Copy edit of Siegebreakers, by Justin Podur, Fernwood Publishing, September 2019.